It may have been unpopular when it was released, but Reds is getting the full treatment for it's October 17 DVD debut from Paramount Home Entertainment.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has some gala events planned for the release of the two disc, special edition DVD. There is going to be "a red-carpet event Oct. 4 at the New York Film Festival, followed by a weeklong theatrical run at the ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles, Landmark E Street Theater in Washington and the Village East Theater in New York."

Reds tells the story of John Reed "a radical American journalist" who gets involved in the Bolshevik revolution, with the hopes of bringing those ideals to the US.

"We couldn't be more excited about the debut of Reds on DVD," says Kelley Avery, Paramount Pictures worldwide home entertainment president. "This release not only celebrates the 25th anniversary of this modern classic but also is perfectly timed for audiences to discover the unique parallels of this film in connection with current events."