Accordint to Variety, Paramount Pictures believes in Superstition, buying Neal Marshall Stevens' horror spec script and setting it up with Radar Pictures and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes.

Story, based on the novel by Brit mystery writer David Ambrose, centers on a scientifically conducted seance that draws a deadly ghost who shifts reality to account for its existence.

Deal reteams Radar and Platinum Dunes on a thriller following their collaboration on The Amityville Horror, which MGM's releasing April 15.

Paramount exec VP Brian Witten and Ed Goemans will supervise for the studio, which is hoping to start production in the fall.

Stevens' credits include Warner's 13 Ghosts, Dimension's Hellraiser: Deader and New Line's Molly's World. Platinum Dunes came on as a producer to Molly's World last month; that pic's centered on a psychiatrist drawn into the world of a patient who killed her family in an effort to protect them from a supernatural element.

Stevens said Superstition drew his interest because of the originality of Ambrose's story, in which a university psychologist tests his theory that human minds have the psychic ability to create a ghost.

"I think the novel's a great jumping-off point for a movie, especially since I mostly get offered projects that have been done a lot -- usually involving slashers or teenagers trapped in the woods,"

he added.