Shawn Ryan, who created the Beverly Hills Cop pilot that CBS passed on in May, revealed that efforts to find the series another home have failed, but also that Paramount has put a new Beverly Hills Cop movie into development. Take a look at what he had to say through his Twitter account, then read on for more information.

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The failed Beverly Hills Cop pilot may lead to a new movieThe Beverly Hills Cop pilot, which starred {4} as Beverly Hills rookie cop Aaron Foley, and {5} as his father Axel Foley, was considered a sure thing to be picked up to series by CBS before the network declined.

The pilot script was the subject of a heated bidding war won by CBS, but it wasn't known if any other network would take a chance on a passed pilot.

As for the new Beverly Hills Cop movie, no official details have been released, and it isn't known if Paramount has a writer in place or not. The studio had been working on Beverly Hills Cop 4 several years ago, which at one point had Brett Ratner attached to direct, with Eddie Murphy coming back as Axel Foley.

We'll be sure to keep you posted regarding any information regarding a Beverly Hills Cop sequel.