Paramount Pictures has launched the official website for Next, an action-packed film starring Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel and Peter Falk.

Nicolas Cage plays a Las Vegas showroom magician that has a secret which is a gift and a curse which torments him: he can see two minutes into the future. Trying to downplay his ESP abilities, he lies low under an assumed named in Vegas but when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a nuclear device in LA, government agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) must convince him to help her stop the cataclysm.

The official site has launched at, where you can find downloads, videos, an image gallery and more. While you're there, see if you have the power of ESP with the card game. Guess the next card in the deck and you may have the gift.

Next arrives in theatres on April 27th.