In a story from Variety, Paramount Pictures wants movie theaters to convert to digital 3D screens before DreamWorks Animation's Monsters Vs. Aliens opens on March 27.

They are so excited about digital 3D that they have offered to cover the print fees for those theaters that can pay for the costly conversion.

Apparently, theater chains like AMC and Regal were looking into the conversion when the economy was sent into disarray.

Since various studios have over a dozen 3D films in the pipeline, it makes sense that they would want theaters to be able to show the movies in their truest form.

Currently there are about 1,250 digital 3D screens. This is out of 5,620 digital screens total in the US. DreamWorks Animation President Jeffrey Katzenberg says that this number will go up to 2,000 3D screens when Monsters Vs. Aliens comes to theaters March 27.

Under the terms of this deal, Paramount would "pay a specified 'virtual' print fee to a theater owner that converts at least 50% of screens to digital; the fee is higher for screens converted to 3D."