Paramount Pictures:Dark Horizons has gotten word on the status of several projects coming out of, or rumored to be coming out of Paramount over the next few years. An insider at the site has sent in a breakdown of what is rumored to be happening with each project...

- Carrie Ann Moss's deal is apparently done for "Mission: Impossible 3". Scarlett Johanssen is taking more time (scheduling). Phil Hoffman's is in limbo but producers are coming back.

- Pete Segal looks to be on board to direct "It's Not You, It's Me", but they may ask him to step aside.

- "Fountainhead" - theymay try to do this contemporary rather than as a period piece so as not to alienate the core audience.

- "Fast & the Furious" producer Neal H. Moritz is apparently trying to do a film based on the classic teen series "21 Jump Street".

- Sam Mendes is circling to potentially direct "Dance Lessons".

- Alex Cross thriller "Roses are Red" is currently seeking a writer as the studio wants to go with a grittier edge ala "Narc".

- Both "Naked Jungle" and "Deathlok" are currently under consideration by "Punisher" helmer Jonathan Hensleigh

- "The Eye" and a potential sequel are being developed with the same crew in mind. Sebastian Guittierez is currently rewriting the first film script.

- PJ Hogan is directing and rewriting to his notes on "Let's Make Friends". Casting is about to begin.

- Snoop Dogg looks to be out of "The Longest Yard", casting is still underway

- David Koepp is penning "War of the Worlds", Stuart Beattie is adapting "Without Remorse", "Aeon Flux" is currently casting.

- Being written: "Carter Beats the Devil", "The Manny", "Honeymoon from Hell", "Turn", ""Days of the Dead", "The Girl Who Could Fly", "Two Strangers and a Wedding", "Seconds", "Car Show", "To Catch a Thief", "Four Brothers", "Take Me To Your Leader", "Pet Sematary"

Seeking Writers: "Pro Nanny, "Au Pair", "Paranoia", "Star Fleet Command", "Stranger in a Strangeland", "Homeland Security", Peter Weir's "War Magician", Tony Scott's "Warriors" and an untitled Johnny Knoxville project

Currently in turnaround: "Adventures of Sinbad the Insurance Salesman", "Book 'Em", "Racewalker"

Inactive: "Carrier", "Sucker", "Disgruntled Former Employee

Stay tuned for more updates...