The Italian Job 2: According to Variety, Paramount Pictures has assigned producer John Goldwyn to ramp up a sequel to The Italian Job, the F. Gary Gray-directed remake that starred Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Edward Norton.

Goldwyn now is shepherding the sequel for De Line. He'll supervise a sequel treatment being written by Wayne and Donna Powers, the husband-and-wife team who scripted the remake and set it in Venice and Los Angeles.

The original 1969 heist hit starred Michael Caine in the story of a scheme to steal $4 million in gold by causing a massive traffic tie-up in Turin.

While the sequel plot is still being fleshed out, St. Tropez, Paris and the Swiss Alps are being eyed as the primary shooting locations.

The nascent stage of the project makes it difficult to handicap which cast members will be back for encores. Most, if not all, made deals that did not include pre-negotiated sequel options; those who return for another heist will be looking for a bigger share of the loot.