Paramount Pictures has inked a deal with Wildbrain to turn its Kidrobot branded collectible character creations into a possible franchise of feature films mixing animation and live action, according to Variety.

The films will be generated through Paramount's Nickelodeon Movies family label and produced by Scott Aversano.

The limited edition vinyl figures are designed by Budnitz, and then painted by a group of graffiti and graphic artists and musicians. The figures, along with an apparel line, are sold in high-end stores, including Kidrobot stores in New York, L.A., San Francisco and Miami.

Aversano saw a complete collection of the characters and got the film idea while he was running Nickelodeon, and will spearhead the project as producer. The creatures come with no linear storyline, so the plan is to draft a writer for pen a story about ordinary kids who are transported into the edgy world populated by the Kidrobot creatures.

No production date has been set.