As the landscape of home entertainment keeps changing, one studio has announced plans to keep up with the current trends. According to Variety, Paramount Home Entertainment will start making select titles available for purchase on Blu-ray long before the titles will be available on standard DVD.

It seems the new initiative will start with Dance Flick, which, although it hasn't been officially announced yet, will be released on September 8. Instead of having the DVD and Blu-ray available for purchase on the same date, the film will only be available to buy on Blu-ray, although consumers will be able to rent the film in standard definition and Blu-ray on that date. It was said the standard DVD version of the film will be on sale approximately four to eight weeks after the BD street date.

The new program is meant to reflect changes in the home entertainment field that has seen increases in DVD rentals and Blu-ray sales, but decreases in standard DVD sales. Blu-ray sales have nearly doubled from this time last year and both DVD and BD rentals are up 8.3% from last year as well. Standard DVD sales, however, have seen a sharp 15% decline.

Despite this new strategy, it doesn't seem this staggered release policy will apply to every release. The studio had not announced additional titles to be released in this new strategy and it was said the studio will evaluate release strategies for upcoming titles individually.