Paramount just recently released its new Blu-Ray releases set to hit stores starting on May 20, but there will be several more BD titles from Paramount coming out on that date as well. Paramount is re-releasing several of its Blu-Ray titles they released before switching over to HD DVD exclusively. Here is a list of the other titles you can expect from Paramount on May 20, along with whatever special features are listed.

Aeon Flux

- Commentary: Commentary by producer Gail Anne Hurd and Charlize Theron

- Commentary: Commentary by co-screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi

- Featurette: Creating a World: Aeon Flux

- Featurette: The Locations of Aeon Flux

- Featurette: The Stunts of Aeon Flux

- Featurette: The Costume Design Workshop of Aeon Flux

- Featurette: The Craft of the Set Photographer on Aeon Flux

- Trailers: Theatrical Trailer


- Theatrical trailer

Black Snake Moan

No features announced yet

Blades of Glory

- Other: Return to Glory: The Making of "Blades"

- Other: Celebrities On Thin Ice

- Other: Cooler Than Ice: The Super-Sexy Costumes of Skating

- Other: Arnett and Poehler - A Family Affair

- Other: 20 Questions with Scott Hamilton

- Other: Hector: Portrait of a Psychofan

- Additional Scenes: Deleted Scenes:

- Additional Scenes: Stranz and Fairchild Watch Kate's Video

- Additional Scenes: Chazz Offers the Verticoli, Flashback

- Additional Scenes: Blades of Glory Song

- Additional Scenes: Hector Shoots Darren

- Music Videos: Music Video Blades of Glory by Bo Bice

- Bloopers: Gag Reel

- Other: Alternate Takes

- Other: Moviephone unscripted with Will Ferrell, Jon Heder and Will Arnett

- Other: MTV Interstitials (3):

- Other: Montage

- Other: Chazz

- Other: Stranz & Fairchild

Coming to America

No features announced yet


No features announced yet


No features announced yet

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

- Commentary: Commentary by Producer Jon Avnet

- Commentary: Commentary by Writer and Director Kerry Conran and the VFX crew - production designer Kevin Conran,

- Featurette: Brave New World - Chapter 1

- Featurette: Brave New World - Chapter 2

- Featurette: The Art of World of Tomorrow

- Featurette: The Original Six Minute Short

- Additional Scenes: Totenkopf's Torture Room

- Additional Scenes: The Conveyor Belt

- Bloopers: Gag Reel

- Easter Eggs: Secret Behind The Scenes: A Look At The Animation Department

Sleepy Hollow

- Commentary: Commentary with Director Tim Burton

- Featurette: Exclusive "Behind the Legend" Featurette

- Other: Exclusive Cast & Crew Interviews

- Other: Selected Cast Biographies

- Other: Photo Gallery

- Trailers: Sleepy Hollow

Trading Places

- Featurette: Insider Trading: The Making of Trading Places

- Featurette: Trading Stories

- Additional Scenes: The Deleted Scene with Optional Commentary by Executive Producer George Folsey, Jr.

- Featurette: Dressing the Part

- Featurette: The Trade in Trading Places

- Featurette: Industry Promotional Piece

- Other: Trivia Pop-Ups

The Untouchables

- Featurette: The Script, The Cast

- Featurette: Production Stories

- Featurette: Reinventing The Genre

- Featurette: The Classic

- Featurette: Original Featurette: "The Men"

- Trailers: Theatrical Trailer HD

The Warriors

- Commentary: Introduction by Director Walter Hill

- Featurette: The Warriors: The Beginning

- Featurette: The Warriors: Battleground

- Featurette: The Warriors: The Way Home

- Featurette: The Warriors: The Phenomenon

- Trailers: Original Theatrical Trailer HD

We Were Soldiers

- Commentary: Commentary by director/writer Randall Wallace

- Featurette: "Getting It Right" - Behind-the-Scenes of We Were Soldiers

- Additional Scenes: Deleted Scenes with director's commentary

World Trade Center

- Commentary: Commentary by director Oliver Stone

- Featurette: The Making of World Trade Center (3 parts):

- Commentary: Commentary by Will Jimeno, Scott Strauss, John Bushing and Paddy McGee

- Featurette: Committing to the Story

- Commentary: 9 Deleted/Extended Scenes with optional commentary

- Featurette: Shooting in NY and LA

- Featurette: Closing Wounds

- Commentary: Extended Locker Room

- Commentary: Extended Roll Call

- Featurette: Common Sacrifices (2 parts):

- Commentary: Concerned Business Woman

- Featurette: Rescue

- Featurette: Recovery

- Commentary: Fireman Johnny

- Commentary: Original Hole 2 through Allison making lunch

- Featurette: Building Ground Zero

- Commentary: Judy gets word Jay is OK

- Featurette: Visual and Special Effects

- Featurette: Oliver Stone's New York

- Commentary: John's Ghost

- Commentary: Barbeque Flashback

- Featurette: Q & A with Oliver Stone

- Commentary: Paramedic tends to John

- Other: Photo Gallery

- Trailers: Theatrical Trailer

- Other: 5 TV Spots:

- Other: Families United

- Other: Never Knew

- Other: Hope

- Other: Survive Alt

- Other: Trailer Cutdown