The Good

Gus Van Sant is always atleast trying to do something interesting.

The Bad

No extras?Paranoid Park tells the story of a murder set around the skateboarding community in Portland, Oregon. Not done in a traditional way this is a film of moments that looks at what happens when someone is killed and the list of suspects is small and endless. If that sounds somewhat vague or confusing than I would suggest staying away from this movie. However, if one wants to really get to the nitty gritty of the one of the more interesting and under the radar (from a major director like Gus Van Sant no less!) projects of 2007, then they could do a lot worse than watch this.

If you are looking for something really different but also accessible, Paranoid Park ld certainly satisfy your cineast ways.


No extras came with this release.


Standard Version. Presented to preserve the aspect ratio of its original theatrical exhibition. The look of this movie is really what makes it the most interesting. Anybody who knows me knows that I am mainly a dialogue person. I like hearing people talk and the look of a film is usually the last thing on my mind. However, this movie is a tone poem of the highest order yet it doesn't vaporize the audience.


Language: English 5.1. Subtitles: English and Spanish. The audio on this movie is pretty darn solid. Giving us bands that are very much "down" with the skating scene, fans of skate videos should check out this thing for that reason alone. Utilizing the audio to take us into the character's heads, there is a richness to the sound that raises the stakes of the entire production.


The star of this movie (Gabe Nevins) is presented on this front cover with a silhouette of himself behind him. The back cover continues in this brooding fashion with more shots from the movie, a description of the film, and technical specs. There's nothing too amazing here but it gets the job done.

Final Word

While I would be very selective of just who I would recommend this movie to, I feel that Paranoid Park is nothing if not interesting. It isn't so much the story as the way that Gus Van Sant chooses to tell it. Mixing different kinds of footage with different kinds of moods, I feel that this is a movie that is embedded more in emotions than it is in anything else. It also captures the skateboarding world in a very real way. I never felt that I was watching actors playing parts and I think this has something to do with Van Sant never presenting the performers in a typical way.