What's in a name? One upcoming film is trying to capitalize on one of its co-star's successful films with their own film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new horror film Walking Distance has changed its title to Experimental Activity from its previous title, Walking Distance.

The move is to clearly capitalize on Paranormal Activity star Katie Featherston, who also stars in Experimental Activity as well. Showcase Films has acquired the international rights to the film, which centers on a town that undergoes a government medical experiment.

"Clearly having the fastest-rising star in the business is a feather in the cap, but we feel the film stands on its own as a cool psychological thriller," said David Jackson, president of Showcase Films.

The film also stars Glenn Morshower and Adrienne King, who starred in the original Friday The 13th and makes her first film appearance in nearly 30 years with Experimental Activity. You can CLICK HERE to read our exclusive interview with King from early this year where she talks about the film towards the end of the interview.