Paranormal Activity producers Oren Peli and Jason Blum are reuniting with writer Christopher B. Landon (Paranormal Activity 2, Paranormal Activity 3) for a new Latino-themed horror project.

Christopher B. Landon will write and direct this untitled project, which is described as a "cousin" to the Paranormal Activity franchise. The movie will feature a Latino cast, and will delve into Catholic-based paranormal mythology, although it will be presented in English, not Spanish. It is said that Latinos see more movies than any other demographic, and that Catholic movies primarily play well in this market.

The studio is aiming at a January 2013 release for this micro-budgeted project, which could start production within the next few months.

Paramount's Paranormal Activity franchise has earned more than $573 million worldwide, and the studio's latest micro-budgeted horror tale, The Devil Inside, has earned just under $100 million from just a $1 million budget.