One of the hottest new horror films in years will be squaring off with a horror juggernaut for box office horror supremacy next week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures will be expanding Paranormal Activity even wider next week, forcing a box-office showdown against Lionsgate's Saw VI.

Paramount had already committed to a wide release of Paranormal Activity after the film's innovative Demand It campaign reached over 1 million fans demanding the film, which will be released in approximately 800 theaters this weekend. However, with the buzz so high on the film, word is that the studio is seeking a 2,000-theater rollout for the film, starting on October 23, which would see the film go head-to-head with the latest film in the Jigsaw horror franchise, Saw VI.

Last weekend, Paranormal Activity took home an amazing $7.9 million from just 160 theaters for an astronomical $$49,379 per-screen average. The film has made $9.1 million in its total run, from a production budget of just $11,000.