An official trailer for Paranormal Attraction has arrived online. This is the latest from filmmaker Alex T. Hwang, who previously helmed Lilith and Prey, in Cold Blood. In this case, Hwang is taking on the well-trodden supernatural subgenre of horror. Though it doesn't seem to be a riff on the Paranormal Activity franchise or anything along those lines. Instead, we are getting a thriller with a supernatural twist, complete with a side of romance. There is, at the very least, a lot going on here.

The trailer kicks off with a woman moving into a new home. It is a little hard to get a grip on what exactly is going on, as it is more of a collection of shots strung together, as opposed to something trying to present the basic idea of the narrative. But the footage does tease "unrequited love" as being central to the story. We also get a sense that our main character is trying to escape someone, or something, from her past. The trailer also includes the tagline, "He'll love you to death."

Richard J. Aguirre penned the screenplay. The cast includes Brooklyn Haley (Bearry, Desert Moon), Nicole Cinaglia (Death House, Camp Dread) , Eden Shea Beck (Boy Genius, The House) and Hunter Johnson (Verotika, Crossbreed). Kathleen W. Hwang, Pat Kusnadi and Thomas Haley are on board as producers. Alexander T. Hwang had this to say about the movie in a statement.

"I have loved movies since I was a kid growing up in Korea. I remember my mom taking me to see American movies like Star Wars and Superman in theaters. When my family moved to the United States, I found a group of friends who were as passionate about movies as I was. I made my first short film on Super 8 and 16mm camera when I was 16 with my brothers and friends, and it fueled my passion for film making even more. Classic horror films like, Jaws, Psycho, The Exorcist and The Shining, have driven me to make horror films."

Paranormal Attraction centers on a young woman named Sara Myer (Brooklyn Haley), who moves into an abandoned house that has a tragic and mysterious past. Sarah begins to rid her new home of the previous owner's belongings. As she does, Sara begins to uncover its deadly secrets. Rookie police officer Evelyn Bennett (Nicole Cinaglia) aids her in investigating the mysterious happenings and captures Sara's heart. Will they learn the secrets of the house or will the house claim Sara's soul?

In addition to the trailer, a poster has been released which we've included for you to check out. No release date has been set for the movie just yet. Paranormal Attraction has been selected for AOF (Action on Film) Film Festival, with its premiere set for September 5. The studio will likely hammer out a release plan following the premiere. Be sure to check out the trailer for yourself from Tiberius Film.

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