Parasite director Bong Joon-ho discusses why he chose to explore the issue of class in the movie. The interview comes from the recently released Blu-ray edition of the Academy Award winning movie. While there aren't a lot of extras on the physical release, the Q&A session with Joon-ho is worth the price of admission alone. The director was caught off guard by the success of Parasite, though it seems he may have been one of the only ones who was truly surprised, except for Donald Trump, but he probably didn't even see the movie and freely admits that he doesn't really like Hollywood.

When setting out to make Parasite, Bong Joon-ho says he didn't set out to make a propaganda movie and that he doesn't think about political issues on a daily basis. However, the issue of class is undeniable in the movie. He believes that class is something that surrounds us in our daily lives, which is true. The director also states that it was very natural for the project to fall in line around class since everybody can relate to it. We all have friends and relatives from different background, whether it's rich or poor.

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Bong Joon-ho than went in and compared Parasite to Jordan Peele's Get Out because it tells a similar tale about class, though it is told through a much different lens. He also noted how big capitalism comes into play in our society as a whole, which is very much represented in his movie. While Joon-ho didn't originally set out to make a movie that would rock the boat in the United States, it struck a nerve with many people all over the world that has them second guessing what goes on in our world when the rich command the poor.

In other Parasite news, now that the movie has been available on Blu-ray and digitally, it will soon head to Hulu, where it will stream exclusively. Under a deal with Neon, Parasite will be available on Hulu beginning Wednesday, April 8th, which was just announced. However, it will not have the exclusive Q&A session that the Blu-ray release has, so if you're into the physical media and you'd like to see more of the Q&A with Bong Joon-ho, the Blu-ray release is the way to go. It's unclear if a deluxe edition will be on the way after the Academy Awards wins.

Parasite took home Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. While most in the industry figured it was going to win in the foreign category, not many thought it would take Best Picture too, though nobody was as surprised as Bong Joon-ho. Regardless, his next project will be put under the microscope by just about everybody after such a tremendous run in theaters. You can check out the exclusive clip from the Parasite Blu-ray edition Q&A below. If you have not yet seen the movie, it is still in select theaters and is currently in the middle of an IMAX run.