Academy-Award winner and acclaimed director Bong Joon-ho have revealed that he is done with the script of a Parasite follow-up he decided to write after his big-time Oscar wins at 92nd Academy Awards in 2020. Parasite made history last year when it nabbed not one but four Oscars in different categories including the gold for Best Picture. Parasite made history with the Best Picture win, becoming not just the first non-English language film ever to win in the category. Besides Best Picture, the film also won for Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best International Feature.

It was after this epic win and universal acclaim, Bong spoke of his interest in making two follow-ups to Parasite. He later confirmed that he simultaneously preparing two different scripts; one a Korean-language action-horror movie set in Seoul and one English-language drama set partially in both the United States and the UK. And it looks like, he is already half-way as he has completed the script for one of these projects.

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Bong has kept details hidden for now and has not even revealed which one of the two follow-ups he is talking about. However, from the short synopsis he revealed earlier, it is less likely that the films will be direct sequels to Parasite, but may follow in the same genre as the original Oscar winner.

Parasite followed the themes of class stratification in Korea and addressed the wealth disparity caused by core capitalism, which leads to unaffordability and extreme inflation for the weaker economic sections. The film's critical acclaim was mostly indicated towards the unique perspective Bong used to depict these societal differences, leaving hidden details for the viewers, who could dig down the issues and address them at their individual levels.

Bong's Parasite explored these themes and interpreted them with a mind-bending and captivating turn of events throughout. Parasite also ended with a dark but significant climax, which is one way, indicated how weaker sections have to face the direst consequences and sufferings. Bong's follow-ups to his previous masterpiece may, in some way, demonstrate similar themes.

Bong has described the process of writing these two films to be quite complex, stating, "It feels like I'm splitting my brain between half left and right writing these two scripts". Hopefully, Bong will soon reveal some details on the plot, and then maybe we can expect some interesting casting announcements. It'll be interesting to see Song Kang-ho once again in another collaboration with Bong.

Parasite marked a new phase in world cinema and perhaps changed how international features are perceived throughout the globe. Bong Joon-ho's statement regarding how people can reach out to more cinema beyond barriers of subtitles signifies that the importance of films reaches beyond language and cultural differences. A follow-up to such a film would surely be looked upon with high hopes and anticipation and the audience will expect another nail-biter with this one.

For now, all we can do is sit tight for another intriguing and intense Bong Joon-ho thriller that shall chronicle us through another engrossing cinematic experience.