Parasite is seeing a massive uptick in ticket sales, thanks to the Academy Awards wins last week. Bong Joon Ho was shocked to see his movie win so many big Oscars, though many have been singing his praises for years now. Parasite made Academy history by becoming the first foreign language film to win Best Picture. In addition, the movie took home Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film. Joon Ho is now on everybody's radar.

Parasite has seen a 234% increase after earning $5.5 million over this past weekend. It's the biggest post-Oscars box office boost in over a decade. In the week after the awards ceremony, the movie took in an additional $8.8 million, which is also huge. To date, the movie has made $175.3 million globally since hitting theaters in October in North America. However, it opened in theaters back in May in South Korea. In addition to the big domestic box office surge, Parasite also saw a bump overseas too, with $12.7 million.

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What makes the Parasite box office uptick even more impressive is the fact that the movie has been available to stream at home since January. "It's a great win for Parasite," says Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst with Comscore. "This example can put to rest the notion that streaming and the big screen are adversaries. Parasite is doing well on home video and in movie theaters. Both formats can be successful." This just goes to show that even while the Academy Award ratings are at a historic low, they still have a big impact on the entertainment industry.

Along with its booming box office, Parasite is also one of 2019's best reviewed movies. It currently holds a 99% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is also very impressive. While a lot of people were shocked to see Bong Joon Ho's movie take the top Academy Award last Sunday, moviegoers predicted early on that it would do so, along with the Best Director award. People felt an immediate connection to the movie, especially how it fits into today's society. With that being said, it's best to go into the movie without any outside information to get the best results.

Parasite is just another milestone for Bong Joon Ho. The South Korean director has been making waves in his own country for years, which has brought him some attention in North America too. Director's like Taika Waititi and others have been talking about his movies in the press for quite a long time, so those who were already hip to his talents already knew he was destined for this. So, what's next? Bong Joon Ho will probably take a bit of a break before jumping into his next project, which is going to come with a huge amount of pressure attached to it now. Variety was the first to report on the box office spike for Parasite.