Stan Lee is teaming up with an unlikely partner for his next superheroic creation - hotel heiress turned actress Paris Hilton. According to reports from Comic Book Movie, Lee will be working on bringing the celebrity to life as an animated superheroine for television.

This wouldn't be Lee's first team-up to transform real-world individuals into superheroes. Lee transformed Pamela Anderson into Stripperella for Spike TV, and had previously discussed projects to do the same for both Hugh Heffner and the Playboy Bunnies and former Beetle Ringo Starr.

Additionally, Lee took two groups of would-be superheroes and transformed them into the next great superhero in two seasons of the Sci-Fi channel's series Who Wants to Be a Superhero?.

No information is currently available on what Hilton's alter-ego will be named, what her abilities will be, or where we will be able to see her animated adventures.