Part Timers, the highly anticipated original scripted comedy series from digital powerhouse Smosh, is coming to YouTube on January 11, 2016 and we have the first trailer. DEFY Media and YouTube announced Part Timers earlier this week, produced by DEFY Media and starring Smosh's Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. The sitcom is part of YouTube's commitment to invest in new original shows and movies featuring some of YouTube's most popular stars. The first season will be presented by brand partner Schick Hydro and will debut exclusively on the on January 11, 2016.

Part Timers is the first ever scripted series from Smosh, the premier digital comedy brand.  Starring Smosh's Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox as employees of Pork E. Pine's, a popular pizzeria and arcade well past its prime, this episodic comedy series chronicles the adventures of a group of misfits, oddballs and man-children as they navigate the perilous world that is the kids' restaurant business and ultimately become fast friends.  Undeterred by the utter insanity brought about by working for minimum wage, inept management and a six foot tall porcupine, the staff of Pork E. Pine's return day after day to find themselves having the best time ever, working at the worst job ever. Commented Barry Blumberg, Chief Content Officer, DEFY Media.

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"We're thrilled to announce our partnership with YouTube for Part Timers, continuing SMOSH's expansion into longer form programming following the successful release of SMOSH: The Movie earlier this year. Today also marks SMOSH's ten year milestone on YouTube and we look forward to celebrating with our partners this evening with a peek at what's next."


Said Susanne Daniels, Global Head of Original Programming, YouTube.  

"Anthony and Ian have entertained millions of fans around the world with their unique brand of humor and we're thrilled to work with them to offer this fresh and funny original scripted comedy series that gives SMOSH fans more programming they will love."

Schick Hydro is the official brand partner for Part Timers. In addition to multiple organic brand placements throughout the series, Schick Hydro is bringing fans additional content created in the Smosh and Part Timers voice that aims to enhance the viewing experience. Schick Hydro worked with Part Timers' director and writers to develop custom twenty second videos that capture the look, feel, and style of Part Timers, while highlighting Schick Hydro products and brand messaging. These custom videos feature members of the Part Timers cast and include hilarious bonus scenes that evolve from the series' storylines. Said Edgewell Personal Care Senior Brand Manager Anastasia Tobias.

"SMOSH presented an exciting opportunity for Schick Hydro to connect with its core audience - who are just like this group of guys - through the creativity and humor that Anthony and Ian bring to every episode. We've enjoyed seeing how SMOSH's lighthearted nature brings our brand to life and are excited to see the Part Timers series debut."

With over 35 million combined YouTube subscribers,㺞 million social followers and㺑 million monthly unique visitors, Smosh has one of the strongest digital footprints of any media brand in existence today.  Based on the strength of this audience, Smosh has also seen multiple chart-topping musical endeavors, record-setting channel spin-offs and top-selling mobile and gaming apps, with more than two million downloads to date. And, in Summer 2015, the brand released its first feature length film Smosh: The Movie which debuted at #1 on the iTunes comedy chart. Smosh's Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox also became the first digital stars to be immortalized in wax by the world famous Madame Tussauds.

Smosh officially commemorated ten years on YouTube with a celebratory event at the YouTube Space LA earlier this week, bringing together top digital stars and partners for a fun-filled night honoring Anthony and Ian's contributions and this impressive achievement. Commented Padilla and Hecox.

"Ten years ago we started this incredible journey with YouTube that has allowed us to create, do what we love every day and grow SMOSH beyond our wildest dreams. Part Timers is an important next step for us as we continue to expand creatively and build on our brand with programming that connects with our audience in new ways. We're excited to embark on this next phase."

You can check out commented Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox in the hilarious first trailer for Part Timers. It arrives with the first promo art for the sitcom. What do you think? Is Smosh heading to bigger and better places? Or is ten years enough of these guys? Vote with your clicks! Though, we have a feeling these two will be around for a very long time!

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