2016 has been a good year for sci-fi, but one of the most anticipated sci-fi movies of the year is still coming, and it isn't Star Wars. Passengers is a totally original sci-fi movie starring both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence which is due out this December, and we just got the first full trailer for the movie. Between the star power and the footage, we have every reason to believe this is one you should mark down on your calendars.

Yesterday, the official Columbia Pictures Twitter for Passengers posted a very brief teaser for the trailer, promising that the full trailer would be coming today. The full trailer did indeed drop today and it delivered on the promise of the name and its stars. We get to see a whole lot of cool outer space stuff, some Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence romance as well as a very big spaceship and some pretty intense music. Sony made us wait quite a while for this trailer, but now the wait is over and we can start getting really excited about this movie.

The story of Passengers takes place on a "luxury interstellar spaceship," with 5,000 passengers taking a journey to the Homestead II colony, which is conveniently located 120 years away. That being the case, everyone is traveling in suspended animation. Things get tricky when Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's characters are mistakenly awakened 90 years too early, they discover that the ship is malfunctioning, putting everyone in danger.

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As mentioned, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are co-headlining the cast, but they are in very good company. The cast of Passengers also includes Michael Sheen, Lawrence Fishburne, Aurora Perrineau and Jamie Soricelli. The script for the movie was written by Jon Spaihts, who also wrote Prometheus. Passengers was featured on The Black List, a list of the best-unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, back in 2007 and has been trying to get off the ground ever since. Thanks to two of the biggest stars on the planet, the movie is finally coming to theaters very soon.

Given the high-profile nature of Passengers, it does seem a bit strange that the studio did wait so long to release the first trailer for the movie, but it is here now and that is all that matters. The movie serves as a follow up to The Imitation Game for director Morten Tyldum. It will have some very stiff competition upon its release, as it will be coming out the same day as the video game adaptation Assasin's Creed and just five days after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Passengers is set to hit theaters on December 21. Be sure to check out the first trailer for yourself below.

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