Warner Bros. and producer Robert Lorenz are teaming up on the thriller Past Due. The studio previously collaborated with Lorenz on this year's Jersey Boys.

Robert Lorenz is the longtime producing partner of Clint Eastwood. Before Jersey Boys, the duo brought Trouble with the Curve to the screen, marking Robert Lorenz's directorial debut. Warner Bros. also bought the screenplay for Past Due for the producer to direct, but it's not yet clear if he will be taking the helm.

Thompson Evans wrote the screenplay, which wound up on the Blacklist. No story details have been shared at this time, but it is said to be a female version of A History of Violence, directed by David Cronenberg and starring Viggo Mortensen. The 2005 thriller followed a man trying to forget his violent past, but attracts unwanted attention when he thwarts a robbery.

Past Due is not set up at Clint Eastwood's Warner Bros.-based Malpaso production house. The movie will be produced through Code Entertainment with Thompson Evans's manager Rich Freeman executive producing.

Robert Lorenz has served as Clint Eastwood producer for more than a decade, receiving best picture nominations alongside the Hollywood icon for Mystic River and Letters From Iwo Jima. The two will be back on the awards scene this Christmas with American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper.