The Good

This film just feels gross.

The Bad

I think they might've gone too far with extras for a movie that essentially went straight to DVD.Pathology examines what happens when some medical students get seriously deranged. Ted Grey (Milo Ventimiglia) comes to the pathology department at University Hospital in Philadelphia and finds that these brilliant minds use them to pull off perfect murders. They then use various constructs of the pathological sciences to figure out how the murders were achieved. While on paper this might seem like a wordy concept, director Marc Schoelermann manages to import a dark enough visual sense to keep things interesting. When it seems like they might falter, he also falls back on blood and body parts to let us know that by the nature of their jobs, there isn't anything that these pathologists are going to be bothered by.

While it got little more than a cursory theatrical release, Pathology he kind of movie that should wear well on DVD.


Commentary Track

This track features producer/writers Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, as well as director Marc Schoelermann trying way too hard to be funny. They talk about the actors, the DP, as well as other people that appear on the screen. At times they burp, make "sexy" talk, discuss pubes, and they even discuss how much the US loves Germans now. Maybe the real diehard fans will love this, however this doesn't seem like a movie that has many of those. Worth a listen for some good yucks, but ultimately not really informative.

Creating the Perfect Murder

The Case of Death

I would have to say that this segment is most likely the most interesting piece on this DVD. It features a chat with real life pathologist Craig Harvey. Harvey discusses the job, how the work is carried out, the nature of the work that he comes across, and the mindset that one might want to have in order to do it. Potential pathologists would be wise to check this out because it really seems to offer a somewhat comprehensive look at this profession.

Extended Autopsy Scene


As Fox sent this release to me in a paper cover, I sadly cannot give you the full technical specs on this movie. However, knowing about director Schoelermann's commercial background, I have to think that it's of the 2.35:1 variety.


Not the having the packaging really makes it difficult to tell you what sort of audio this movie had. Things sounded good and I was glad to see that the actors weren't talking in whispers. Also, for the most part I believed that the people in this film could actually have been the people they were playing.


As Fox didn't send this release with any packaging it really isn't something that I can write about. I would say check it out on

Final Word

Having covered this movie in its production stage, I couldn't help but wonder what the point was. I mean, Pathology is basically a direct to video movie and ultimately I don't know how much people really cared about it. Talking to the producers and director it was like they were making 2001. Don't misunderstand me, I think it's great to be passionate about whatever projects you happen to be working on, I just think that maybe the creative forces behind the film underestimated how much the viewing public might've cared?

In the end I think that Pathology is worth a watch. I don't even know that it is for a subject matter reason as much as it is a visually stimulating one.