Patricia Arquette has joined the cast of the Untitled Jeff Buckley Biopic for director Jake Scott (Welcome to the Rileys).

The actress will portray Mary Guibert, the mother of late guitarist Jeff Buckley. The role is said to be just a cameo, with Patricia Arquette appearing in both flashbacks and in the film's present day, where she convinces her son to attend the 1991 tribute concert for his father, Tim Buckley. That concert is believed to be Jeff Buckley's last public appearance before he tragically drowned to death in 1997, at the age of 30. We reported in August that Reeve Carney is portraying the guitarist.

Jake Scott is directing the Untitled Jeff Buckley Biopic from a screenplay by Ryan Jaffe. Mary Guibert, who has given the project her full blessing, also serves as executive producer, with Orian Williams and Michelle Sy producing.

Production is scheduled to start this spring in New York City and Memphis.