According to The Argus, Patrick Stewart and screenwriter John Logan are teaming up to make a new theatrical version of The Merchant of Venice. I guess Al Pacino's take just wasn't good enough for them. The two are currently working on a theatrical performance of Macbeth together.

The Argus writes:

"He's carrying on that association with the Bard with his next film project, producing and starring in a film version of The Merchant Of Venice, set in the Las Vegas of the 20th century. The screenplay was written by John Logan, the man behind Hollywood successes such as The Last Samurai and The Aviator.

The idea came out of an argument the two had after Logan described it as a "loathsome play".

"I spent half an hour arguing the contrary," says Patrick. "He said, Would you like it if I started working on a screen project for nothing?' He earns about $2 million a project, so I thought it was a decent offer.

"It is a startling way of doing the play; it is about money and sex and love and corruption."

There is no word on when The Merchant of Venice will go into production.