While on the set of his new film Lakeview Terrace, Patrick Wilson remained very tight lipped about joining the cast of Watchmen. Though journalists attending a set visit pressed him for information, the actor stayed vigilante about his silence on the subject.

Have you read any good super hero stories lately?

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Patrick Wilson: I know where you are going, man.

We have to ask. What do you say about all of the rumors?

Patrick Wilson: I...I...I...I'm not a good liar. So I really shouldn't go into it.

Do you have any travel plans this weekend? Say, to San Diego?

Patrick Wilson: Well, I am working here all week. That is true. We are doing all of these night shoots.

Will there be a picture of you on a giant screen?

Patrick Wilson: Please, tell me if there is.

Are you a fan of Watchmen?

Patrick Wilson: Yes, yes, I know all about it. I'm staring down the barrel of the gun there if you look at the thing I'm reading...

(Everyone turns around to see some kid's artwork. Underneath the picture is the name "Owl".

Oh, Owl. Well, there you go.

Patrick Wilson: Hey, I didn't say anything. I could be looking at the fishpond, too.

A little while later, Kerry Washington, one of Wilson's co-stars, came in the room for an interview. Assuming that Patrick had already told everyone about his role in the film, she let it slip...

Kerry Washington: Isn't that exciting? That's what he goes into next. I keep teasing him. Whenever he eats something like candy I say, "You are playing a super hero! I don't think you're supposed to be eating pretzels at three am.

But isn't he supposed to be getting fatter for the role?

Kerry Washington: That's what he always says. But I tell him, "You still want to be defined. I'm trying to make him body obsessive, but its not working.

Have you heard anything about a third Fantastic Four?

Kerry Washington: No, I haven't. I would tell you. From his mouth to God's ears, I think it would be fun. Yeah.

The entire Watchmen cast is rumored to be announced at this year's Comic Con.