The Good

Yet another fine show gets a second season on DVD courtesy of Shout! Factory.

The Bad

Crummy extras.When Cathy Lane (Patty Duke) comes to live in the home of her newspaper editing uncle in New York City, she seems a bit out of her element. However, things change when she starts getting to know her cousin Patty. What ensues is a lot of fun, frolics and typical, American teenage goings on.

The Patty Duke Show: The Complete Second Season isn't breaking any new ground on DVD but it is certainly a welcome addition to the TV on DVD world. It also features guest appearances from Bobby Vinton, Sal Mineo and more.


Brand-New Cast Interviews

The cast and crew from this show discusses what it was like to bring such content to television in the 1960s. While this show was very vanilla on the outside, like a lot of the television content from that time, there was a lot lurking below the subtext of many of the scenes. The cast and crew allude to that here but I think a season three release would be ripe for this discussion. Are you listening Shout! Factory?



Standard Format. NTSC. Okay, so you're not going to put this DVD set in your Blu-ray player and project it from your 3D television set. (Well, you can do this if you have PandoraVision!) All in all I think Shout! Factory, MGM and 20th Century Fox did a solid job of transferring these shows to DVD. They look really solid here and I didn't notice any dust or hairs on the print.


Shout! Factory doesn't like to give audio specs with their releases and that is the same here. I can't say for sure but I would have to think that we're getting the sound in mono on this release. I might be wrong, though.


Patty Duke is presented on the front of this retro looking slipcase cover. The back serves up a shot of the family, a minor description of what this show is about, a Bonus Features listing and some mention of technical specs. The 6 discs that make up this set are stored in three, multicolored cases with different artwork. All in all, Shout! Factory and the studios mentioned have packed a lot of content into this set and made things economical at the same time.

Final Word

While I don't know that I would call The Patty Duke Show: The Complete Second Season my favorite release of 2010, it was cool getting a chance to be introduced to the world of this show.

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