Resident Evil 2: A scooper over at Dark Horizons scored an interview with Resident Evil director, Paul Anderson last night. Here's what he had to say about the upcoming sequel:

Nemesis will see the return of the dogs and the Licker from the first film along with 2 new creatures from the games, Milla Jovovich's Alice character will meet Jill Valentine (marrying up the world of the movie with the world/characters of the games), the film will take place over one night in Raccoon City and will be "very Omega Man"; Anderson said he'd be interested to see the response from film certification boards to the violence in the sequel being above ground and set in the real world as opposed to the violence in the original being in an underground fanatsy environment, to which censors in some countries were quite lenient. A role for Jason Isaacs has been written into the RE2 script with another "great death scene" following demises in previous Anderson films Event Horizon and Soldier.

Ghost Ship: Also over at Dark Horizons, Garth has gotten ahold of some new pictures for the upcoming Gabriel Byrne/Julianna Marguiles flick which hits theaters October 25th.

CLICK HERE for picture 1!

CLICK HERE for picture 2!

CLICK HERE for picture 3!

Tremors: The Series:Cinescape recently talked to Sci-Fi channel president, Bonnie Hammer where she hinted at an expressed interest of Michael Gross starring in the Tremors series coming to the Sci-Fi channel!

"First of all, we've aired the three TREMORS movies and without any off channel marketing they have been ratings successes for us," Hammer said, on why the channel decided on a TREMORS series. "We know we have strong fanbase - a male action-oriented,