Daniel Robert Epstein from SuicideGirls.com caught up with Concrete creator Paul Chadwick, who spoke about bringing the comic-book to the big screen and Peter Jackson's involvement in the project:

DRE: Is Concrete still floating around Hollywood as a possible film?

Paul: I co-wrote a Concrete screenplay with [Beetlejuice co-writer] Larry Wilson but the closest Concrete got being made was when they hired Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh to write a script. This was before the Lord of the Rings movies started shooting. Concrete got very hot for a minute there and in fact Disney put it on its schedule for 2003. Then a month later The Blair Witch Project came out and that touched off a shock effect on Hollywood where everyone began to question whether they should be making big budget special effects movies with stars. So Concrete was killed and then a month later another big budget special effects film came out and everyone forgot about Blair Witch Project. While the antelopes stampeded in one direction, Concrete lost its window. But it's still knocking around. It's got a few million dollars of screenplay money against it. So anyone who wants to make it, needs to pay off, not the whole amount but some percentage of that. So now it is burdened and it's just going to take a director who read it when he was 22 and said, "I'd love to make a Concrete movie" and now he's 38 with some clout to get it back going. But it's been sitting around for six years.

DRE: Did you like the screenplay?

Paul: Yeah. But I'm older now so I wouldn't mind a completely different story being told about him.

DRE: What was the Peter Jackson script like?

Paul: The Peter Jackson version had this big action finish that was so out of character for Concrete. But that wasn't Peter's fault. He was directed to do this by the studio. Concrete rides a missile up into space, lets go and blasts the alien spaceship. I just rolled my eyes when I saw that but I also know that until a director is attached, nothing is set in stone.

Concrete is a creator owned comic book that just celebrated its 20 year anniversary. It is the story of a former political speechwriter that is mysteriously kidnapped by aliens and has his brain transplanted into massive stone body with tremendous strength, endurance and vision. While in the majority of comic books, Concrete would don a costume and fight crime on a daily basis instead Chadwick has his protagonist go on adventures, collect artwork and in the latest miniseries, The Human Dilemma, become a spokesperson for a controversial population control program. Meanwhile, after a hands off, but still sexual, encounter with his beautiful scientist companion, Maureen Vonnegut, a child version grows inside Concrete turning him into a surrogate mother.

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