Paul Feig and his production company will be adopting an inclusion rider on future projects. Frances McDormand made a big splash at the Academy Awards this year. Not just because she won a Best Actress Oscar for her work in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, but also because she made everyone in Hollywood aware of the inclusion rider. Now, several major players in the industry have heard her call to action and have decided to include the rider on their projects, with Feig's Feigco Entertainment the latest to jump on board.

Feigco Entertainment may not be a major studio, but change has to start somewhere and Paul Feig isn't waiting around. In a tweet from the Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters director, he revealed that all future movie and TV productions from his company will be adopting the inclusion rider, which ensures diversity in both the cast and crew of any project. Here's what Feig had to say about it in his tweet.

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"Thrilled to announce that Feigco Entertainment is officially adopting an #inclusionrider for all our film and TV productions moving forward. Thank you to @Inclusionists and Stacy L. Smith for their guidance and inspiration. We challenge other companies and studios to do the same."

Frances McDormand at the end of her Oscars speech said, "I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen: Inclusion rider." At the time of her speech, the term was a mystery to many and, by her own admission, McDormand had just learned about it after working in the business for 35 years. An inclusion rider means that those working on a production can request at 50 percent diversity within a production, meaning that in front of and behind the camera, more women, members of the LGBTQ community and people of different racial or ethnic groups must be hired.

Feigco Entertainment isn't the first production company to adopt the inclusion rider since Frances McDormand brought it to light at the Oscars. Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan announced last week that his company, Outlier Society, will be taking on the inclusion rider for future projects as well. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's company, Pearl Street Films, will also be adding the rider. Again, none of these are major studios in Hollywood, but these are big names who work on major projects publically coming out and not just calling for diversity and change in Hollywood, but using what power they have to make change happen.

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke last year, people have been calling for change in the industry. Not only by exposing those who have committed harassment, but by adding more diversity moving forward. Frances McDormand said that she didn't want to see women or African-Americans "trending," but that she wants to see actual change. Companies adopting the inclusion rider is one to start making that change happen. You can check out Paul Feig's Twitter post announcing the adoption of an inclusion rider for yourself below.