Filmmaker Paul Haggis could end up reuniting with his The Next Three Days leading man Russell Crowe on The Equalizer, according to Heat Vision Blog.

We reported back in June that Russell Crowe had become attached to The Equalizer as a star and producer. Now, Paul Haggis is in negotiations to take over the scripting duties on this remake of the popular CBS TV series, which ran from 1985 to 1989.

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Russell Crowe would star as Robert McCall, who was played by Edward Woodward on the show. It wasn't clear what the storyline of the new movie would be, but the original centered on McCall, a former spy who helped people out free of charge, only asking that they return the favor if he should call on them.

Heat Vision Blog also reports that Paul Haggis is not currently being asked to direct The Equalizer, although it remains possible that he could take the helm.