According to Empire Online, Paul Schrader may have actually got his version of Exorcist: The Beginning right when he made it the first time. At a recent screening of the film in Brussels, Empire Online spoke with Schrader about his version which was shelved for not having enough chills and thrills.

Schrader had this to say about his version and the audience's reaction,

"It’s a very tricky audience. It’s an aficionado audience — the kind of audience that cheers when somebody sticks a screwdriver into a girl’s eye, so for me, the most suspenseful thing was just sitting there in anticipation of them turning against it. But they never did. They stayed with the movie. Big applause."

When asked about the possibility of a theatrical release he stated,

"It’s too similar to the Renny Harlin film to ever be released wide, so it will have a limited and respectable release, which will feed into a huge DVD sale,"

, and surprisingly he wasn't bitter about Renny Harlin's version of Exorcist: The Beginning,

"It’s a godsend to film schools. Some of the scenes are actually re-shot, all with the same actors doing the same lines. When in film history has that happened?"