Actor Paul Walker is in talks to star in Brick Mansions, EuropaCorp's American remake of the action-thriller District B13.

Paul Walker will likely star alongside David Belle, who is credited with inventing the sport of parkour. David Belle starred in District B13 and its sequel, District 13 Ultimatum, and it is said that writer-producer Luc Besson wouldn't move forward on the remake unless David Belle was involved.

Luc Besson is writing the script with his Taken co-writer, Robert Mark Kamen. The story centers on Paul Walker's character, a detective trying to track down a stolen weapon of mass destruction in the ghetto dubbed Brick Mansions. He enlists the help of Lino (David Belle), a fearless man who knows the slum like the back of his hand.

Luc Besson also indicated one of his proteges will direct Brick Mansions, although he would not reveal who the mystery filmmaker is. No production schedule was given, but it is said that Paul Walker will likely shoot this project before Fast & Furious 6 gets started.