Knight Rider: A Cinescape reader recently got a hold of an interesting casting scoop on the upcoming "Knight Rider" adaptation...

An anonymous scooper sent in this email recently which, if accurate, gives us a look at what direction Universal Pictures is thinking of taking a big-screen KNIGHT RIDER film. Bear in mind that we couldn't verify what our scooper has to say but that other sources we checked with did confirm that this kind of focus group research does take place.

Here's what our scooper has to tell us:

"This information comes from a research session I attended in LA this past Wednesday evening. I can’t mention the research company for obvious reasons or give any names other than one.

"The project being reviewed was none other than KNIGHT RIDER. First, they showed us a tape, it was obviously not real footage and was simply cuts of other movies and a few computer renderings spliced together to create a fake trailer. I gotta say, as rough as this demo was it gave me goosebumps. They even had what sounded like a newer version of the Knight Rider theme. It sounded like Moby music but I doubt they were at the stage of development to have someone of this status mix it up.

"The subject of the review, actually was not this video, rather it was whether or not the group felt this project could be taken seriously given the trailer we saw and what they actually termed, 'cheesy' reputation of David Hasselhoff. They stated up front right away that Hasselhoff would not be the star but that 'head honchos' were nervous his reputation could detract from the project. Most of the group said they felt it would not if the new star was reputable.

"And now for the big 'tada' which you may (or may not) consider good news, they said they had already been in discussions with Paul Walker for the role and that he’d expressed interest in this project rather than doing another FAST AND THE FURIOUS movie.

"They said they would not be in contact with us again about this specific project but that occassionaly they may survey 'our demographic' for other projects. They said they picked our group from a pool of peoplewho had filled out a registration card included with an unnamed DVD."