We recently caught up with director Paul W.S. Anderson and Producer Jeremy Bolt on the set of their latest movie. While any and all information regarding that film is on complete lockdown at this point in time, we did get a chance to ask Anderson and Bolt about a few of their upcoming projects.

This is what the director and producer had to say for themselves:

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Are you still doing a remake of The Long Good Friday?

Paul W.S. Anderson: Yes.

Is that going to be your next project after you finish Death Race?

Paul W.S. Anderson: I hope so, yeah.

Is there a role for Jason Statham in it?

Paul W.S. Anderson: This one is set in America. If it were set in Europe, he would definitely be the lead for it. I love working with him. He is very committed.

The first film had a terrorist element to it. Is your version still going to have that?

Paul W.S. Anderson: No. And the French aren't involved, either. Except in the making of it, obviously.

What about Spy Hunter? What is going on with that?

Paul W.S. Anderson: I had an idea for it. I wrote an outline for it. Two writers at Universal are rewriting that at this very moment. I'm hoping to get a draft back in the next four weeks. And hopefully its great.

What can you tell us about Castlevania developments?

Paul W.S. Anderson: I am hoping to get a script for it in two or three weeks. And I am hoping that it's great. Sylvan White is directing that, and we are hoping to make it a pre-strike movie. We are hoping to shoot it in the next couple of months.

We also asked producer Jeremy Bolt about these productions. Here is his take:

Jeremy Bolt: Castlevania is something we are hoping to shoot next spring with Rogue Pictures. We are looking at Spy Hunter as well. Paul will direct that.

Is The Rock still involved with that?

Jeremy Bolt: No, not at the moment. Those are the two video game adaptations that we are working on at this time.

What about a Resident Evil 4?

Jeremy Bolt: It's not our intention to do that. Part 3 is something that we are very pleased about. It has done so well. And Ali Larter is a perfect Clair Redfield.

What happened? When you were on the set for Part 3, you guys were talking about Resident Evil 4 like it was a certainty. What has changed your mind about that?

Jeremy Bolt: We haven't changed our minds. We want to be respectful. The thing is, we are in the middle of Death Race. So we haven't really gotten a chance to focus on it. We would certainly like to look at it. But I won't say if we are or aren't doing anything with it. It's too early.

Their remake of Death Race is scheduled for release September 26th, 2007.