Resident Evil 3:Now Playing Magazine recently caught up with director Paul W.S. Anderson to talk about the possibilty of a third Resident Evil film...

“It’s still just a concept at the moment,” the filmmaker says. “The second movie did better business than the first movie did, so obviously there’s talk of doing a third film. When I made the first movie, I always wanted to see it as a trilogy. I always had a vision for a trilogy of films, and the way I imagined it was that the first movie would be a prequel to the videogames, the second movie would be set in the same timeframe as the videogames, specifically Resident Evil: Nemesis, and then the third movie I always saw as kind of a sequel, or a postscript, to the videogames, set slightly after the time of the videogames. So it’s something I would definitely like to do, but we’re still kind of in negotiations. But there’s definitely a will to make the movie, that’s for sure.”
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.