Paul W.S. Anderson: Fresh off of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, director Paul W.S. Anderson recently talked to Dread Central about what's next in his career...

"At the moment I am wading through a large and intimidating pile of scripts," Anderson says. Taking some time off to take in a little reading is fair enough since he's been stretching his abilities to the breaking point by dabbling in multiple projects. "My producer partner Jeremy Bolt and I are producing The Dark which John Fawcett has directed for us. Principal photography has wrapped, and John is now editing in London." The Dark is Fawcett's first feature since introducing us to Canandian lycanthropes in Ginger Snaps; since then he's been working in television. The Dark stars Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings) and Maria Bello (Secret Window). Anderson adds, "I'm also presently writing Necropolis for Vicenzo Natali to direct. Jeremy and I will be producing that."

The strong opening of Anderson's Alien vs. Predator, not just in the States but abroad as well, leads us to ask if a sequel is imminent.

"AVP has opened huge - number one in virtually every territory it has been released - and it's shaping up to be the biggest grossing movie from either of the franchises, knock on wood. So Fox is definitely making noise about a possible sequel."