Lucio Fulci fans are going to love this!

In a story from Fangoria, it seems that a tribute DVD to horror maestro Lucio Fulci is in the works. Titled Paura: Lucio Fulci Remebered, this project comes to us from "DVD extras producer Mike Baronas of Paura Productions."

The DVD began "out of a planned book of the same title that Baronas has been working on with Kit Gavin, for which they accumulated interviews with the likes of actors Giovanni Lombardo Radice (a.k.a. John Morghen), Brett Halsey and Jared Martin, actresses Florinda Bolkan and Janet Agren, FX creator Giannetto De Rossi, etc., all reminiscing about their experiences with the Italian maestro. Now Baronas has decided to create a visual memorial, using images from his huge collection of Fulci film stills to accompany the audio chats."

Paura plans to release this DVD in February 2008 and he plans to make a series out of it.