White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claims that Nickelodeon canceled PAW Patrol when discussing cancel culture. While the animated series did see some backlash on social media back in June, the network has not canceled the show, nor has it ever announced intentions to do so. After the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, social media users called on Nickelodeon to remove Chase the police dog from Paw Patrol, though many of the responses were facetious.

However, Kayleigh McEnany was correct when she said that Cops and Live PD were both canceled. She then went on to say that, "LEGO halted the sales of their LEGO City Police Station." This is also not true. LEGO only halted the marketing of the LEGO City Police Station in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests. The LEGO set is still available to be purchased and was never removed from the shelves or by online retailers. McEnany concluded by stating, "It is really unfortunate, because I stand with, the president stands with, the 53% of Americans who believe police officers have the most important jobs in this country."

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On June 2nd, the official Paw Patrol Twitter account posted, "In solidarity of #amplifymelanatedvoices we will be muting our content until June 7th to give access for Black voices to be heard so we can continue to listen and further our learning." This is what led to the backlash on social media, which led to rumors that Nickelodeon was either going to cancel the popular children's series or remove Chase the police dog. This is also where the White House received its information, even though it was proven to be false weeks ago.

Nickelodeon has done just the opposite with Paw Patrol, as they just renewed the series. Whatever the case may be, the cancel culture narrative has recently fallen into President Donald Trump's reelection campaign as he has been tweeting about it frequently. Trump has yet to address the Paw Patrol fallacy and, as of this writing, the White House has yet to correct their statements on the show being canceled or LEGO halting production and sales of their LEGO City Police Station. The rumors about LEGO even extended to another rumor about canceling the production of a White House model, though that is also false.

Paw Patrol has not been canceled, even though there are some people who have wanted it to be over the years. Back in 2018, the show was criticized for allegedly being "a misogynistic, conservative authoritarian fantasy." Nickelodeon will still continue to air new episodes of Paw Patrol and there are no plans to cancel it. As President Donald Trump would say, "that is fake news." You can watch video of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany talking about Paw Patrol and LEGO above, thanks to the Now This Twitter account.