Building Green TV announced that its new weekly television series about creating beautiful homes and buildings in harmony with the environment is set to air on PBS affiliate stations across the country starting June 5, 2007. The show takes an entertaining and informative look at ways to "green" homes and buildings using earth-friendly techniques and materials that are better for people, as well as the planet.

From blue jean insulation to bamboo flooring, Kevin Contreras, host and creator of Building Green, introduces viewers to every aspect of green building using the design and construction of his own green Santa Barbara dream home as a living workshop. Each week, viewers follow the progress of Kevin's home through signature segments like "Inside the Design," "Saving Green," "The Green Extreme," "Building Health," "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," and "Easy Steps." They learn, step-by-step, about a range of topics and discover the best choices and green home products available on the market.

"Many people don't realize that buildings cause more c02 emissions than cars," comments Contreras. "In fact, buildings and their construction account for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumed in this country each year. By providing people access to information about how they can build greener, I believe we can better sustain our planet -- one home at a time."

According to Roper's Green Gauge Report, 50% of American adults say they would do more for the environment if only they knew how. "My goal is to show viewers just how easy it is to live green," continued Contreras. "It's also essential for people to see that an environmentally conscious lifestyle does not mean doing without."

Building Green's video-rich companion website at provides a content-driven destination and more extensive information exchange. By bringing homeowners and homebuilders together, the site connects users with experts and resources to develop a sense of community for people who want to make a difference.

To find PBS station listings and airdates for Building Green, visit and check the site's station finder.