Blu-ray Disc might be taking a hit from HD-DVD in some regards but it seems to be taking solid steps to increase its market share.

In a story from Twice, at Blu-ray Disc Association's recent IFA press conference it was announced that PC giant Acer "had joined the Blu-ray Disc Association as a contributing member."

According to David Walstra, the Blu-ray Disc Association's Vice Chairman, this move by Acer gives Blu-ray 50% of the of the PC market.

Also, "the China Huala Group, an A/V manufacturing firm, will join with the China Film Group to establish a Blu-ray authoring facility in China." It looks like this new plant "will initially focus on supplying Chinese content on Blu-ray discs."

Other milestones noted at the IFA were that "it It took 10 months to reach 1 million Blu-ray discs sold, but only three months to reach the 2-million mark."