Pee-wee Herman is taking Pee-wee's Big Adventure on the road with a Spring 2020 tour across the United States, with star Paul Reubens present to watch the classic comedy with fans. Beginning on Feb. 14, 2020 with a start in Portland, Oregon, the tour will run through March 29, bowing out with a show in Washington D.C. Each screening will also be followed with Reubens addressing the live crowd with behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the movie.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure is a very notable movie for multiple reasons. It's not only the first Pee-wee movie to hit the big screen following the introduction of the character on the TV series Pee-wee's Playhouse, but also the debut film of legendary director Tim Burton. Additionally, the movie is the first major motion picture to be scored by composer Danny Elfman. Included in the cast alongside Paul Reubens in the classic movie are Elizabeth Daily, Mark Holton, Diane Salinger, Judd Omen, Phil Hartman, Alice Nunn, and John Harris. Reubens and Hartman also co-wrote the movie with Michael Varhol.

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A simple tale, Pee-wee's Big Adventure takes the legendary Pee-wee Herman character and puts him on a quest to find his beloved bicycle after it turns up missing. Along the way, Pee-wee meets a variety of strange and unusual characters, always with hilarious results. The movie found great success both critically and at the box office upon its release, and as become even more popular with the large cult following it has continued to build in the years since. The Danny Elfman soundtrack is also quite celebrated. In addition to bringing about further success for Reubens, the movie also played a vital role in making Burton the well-known filmmaker he is today. If not for the success of this movie, we may never have gotten Beetlejuice or Burton's take on Batman, let alone all of the other movies to follow in his career.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure earned a Young Artist Award nomination and brought about its first sequel in 1988. Called Big Top Pee-wee, the follow-up movie brought back Elfman to compose but replaced Burton as director with Randal Kleiser helming the project. This time, the story follows Pee-wee taking an interest in a new local circus after a tornado brings it to town. More recently, a third installment of the franchise was introduced when Netflix released the holiday sequel Pee-wee's Big Holiday in 2016. Co-starring Joe Manganiello as himself, the sequel has Pee-wee setting out on another journey filled with amusing complications as he travels to Manganiello's birthday party.

For big fans of Pee-wee, the only thing better than watching Pee-wee's Big Adventure would be watching it with Pee-wee Herman himself. Hearing about how the movie came together first-hand from Herman will also definitely be worth the price of admission. Tickets will go on sale starting on Friday, Dec. 13, at 10 a.m. local time. Various VIP packages will also be available, which includes photo-ops and a backstage experience. You can order tickets and find out more information by going to Herman's official website.

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