2008 marks the 45th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. The PBS series American Experience presents Oswald's Ghost which dissects the assassination and looks at the theories that have surrounded it and been the subject of over 2,000 books. This is a crime that still intrigues the masses and over 400,000 tourists visit Dealey Plaza in Dallas every year to see the sight of the assassination.

Mark Lane's book, "Rush to Judgment", was one of the first to question the Warren Commission's findings, which were also quietly questioned by President Johnson who did not believe that there was one gunman. The question of the single gunman has baffled historians for over four decades. Those who firmly believe that Oswald acted alone have expert proof that he could have fired all the bullets. Then there are those who believe there were more gunmen in the plaza and they also have experts on their side. Some people feel the CIA was behind the assassination, some feel it was Castro, and some think it was the mafia.

Oswald's Ghost re-examines the theories and talks to many historians about the fateful day in 1963. In death, Oswald achieved what he wanted in life. He is immortal. For 45 years his name has been on the tongues of millions of people. Whether he was innocent or not, he is forever linked with President Kennedy.

The assassination haunts America and will continue to do so through the ages. The ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald still hangs over the country.

This show airs January 14 on PBS.