"Perfection is overrated." That's what Angela (Christina Milian) learns in this fantasy story about a girl who is able to put herself inside a snowglobe and interact with the people there. Angela has a rather dysfunctional family. It's not the way she would like it to be. She keeps her apartment immaculate but as soon as her family comes in it is messed up and people are spilling things on the floor. Their annual Christmas meal is green lasagna. Well, her mother makes the best lasagna in town, but for a holiday meal? Angela dreams of the perfect holiday, but she's not going to get that with her family. At least not the holiday of her dreams.

Then a magical snowglobe is delivered to her and that night she finds herself in the fantasy town inside the snowglobe. Everyone there is friendly, the inn is charming, the ice rink is picture perfect, and the entire town is the picture of a small, close community where everyone says "Merry Christmas" when they pass each other and all have smiles on their faces.

Angela manages to travel back and forth between her real world and that in the snowglobe, but what she eventually discovers is that even though her family is flawed, it is still her family. Perfection is no way to live.

This is a cute little holiday film. It's not deep or dark. It's just a nice up-lifting story.

Snowglobe premiers Saturday December 15th at 8 PM ET on ABC Family.