Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation Gin perfectly troll Peloton with a new ad. Reynolds and crew were able to recruit the original actress who played the wife in the viral Peloton ad for their new spoof. The original exercise bike commercial features a husband giving his wife a Peloton for Christmas and it has been criticized for having undertones of sexism, with the wife being referred to as the "Peloton wife" on social media. The Christmas commercial has caused a pretty big uproar.

The new Aviation Gin commercial takes the "Peloton Wife," actress Monica Ruiz, and places her in a bar with two friends. She looks like she's in a bit of a fog and her friends seem pretty concerned about her wellbeing. The wife then comments about how smooth the gin is while proceeding to chug it, then taking her friend's drink down too. It's clear that the couple from the Peloton commercial have gotten a divorce and she's moving on. Even though the original commercial is based on fictional characters, people seem to be happy that she left her husband.

Taking on a viral video to promote Aviation Gin is a wise move by Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. Aviation has used humor to market their celebrity alcohol and have separated themselves from the pack by doing so. Recently Ryan Reynold's made fun of Henry Cavill's Superman mustache with an ad, and even gave away a case of the spendy stuff to a fan who trolled the Avengers: Endgame website. By jumping on the Peloton craze, they have managed to go viral themselves. It seems a lot more people are going to know about Aviation Gin this holiday season thanks to one 30-second ad featuring a viral actress from an exercise bike commercial.

While everything seems to be going very well for Aviation Gin, the same cannot be said for Peloton. Backlash to their Christmas ad cost the brand more than $900 million in market value last week as shares plummeted. As it turns out, there's not a lot of people who want to see women getting exercise equipment as a gift. Actor Sean Hunter, who played the husband in the original ad, addressed the controversy in a new interview. He had this to say.

"People turned down a pretty dark path and it turned into a nasty thing. Once something goes viral, and it turns viral, people jump on that negative bandwagon and start to create any dialogue they want... My image is being associated with sexism, with the patriarchy, with abuse, with these words that I am seeing people write about me. That's not who I am."

A Peloton spokesperson says the company has been "disappointed" by the response. "Our holiday spot was created to celebrate that fitness and wellness journey," they said. They also claim that they have received support from some who understand what the ad's original aim was. Regardless, it has all blown up now and it will more than likely take the company some time to recover that loss. You can check out both ads below, beginning with Aviation from Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel.