The Good

Penn & Teller continue their brilliant ways with this forth season.

The Bad

A lot of packaging for 3 discs with only 5 hours worth of content.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Complete Fourth Season continues Penn & Teller's assault on all the crap that people try and peddle. What makes this show so great is that these guys take on everybody. Nobody is beyond reproach and they often look at organizations that we assume, simply by their name (or history) that they are a good group.

For example, some of the episodes in this set focus on "The Boy Scouts," "Abstinence," "Reparations," and the unspoken, "Pet Love." What I love about Bullshit!, even if I don't always agree with these guys is that they aren't afraid to say what's on their mind. Also, aside from Penn's stark, raving mad yelling at times, these guys really make interesting and valid points. The best part is that they are not saying that the world should be one way, it just shouldn't get to the point where people only have limited options.


Photo Gallery

These are about 15 pictures of Penn & Teller. They are wearing nice outfits, they look good, but this set of Special Features doesn't really feel that special. I am sure there is a reason why Paramount felt the need to only put these features on this disc, but I would almost rather have nothing as these things really feel like an afterthought here.


Full Screen. These shows looked solid. As they were created fairly recently it shouldn't surprise me too much that the colors all stand out as much as they do. What is interesting is how they mix documentary styled footage, with shots of Penn & Teller on a set. One might think that things would get really static looking at them from this perspective, but these guys always keep things interesting by doing some magic trick or something else to grab our attention.


Dolby Digital. The audio on here was really good. As I mentioned, Penn tends to go off at times and this has the effect of being nothing less than startling. Everytime I think the audio levels are going to get really hot or start peaking, I am happy to find that that never happens. Since this show is basically ten, thirty minute documentary films, I give them credit for being able to put together such compelling and well rounded shows so quickly.


Penn & Teller stand on this front cover with a bull seeming to emerge behind them. The back features a shot of Penn yelling and Teller staring at him. There is also a listing of some of the subjects tackled on this show. Below that is a cast list and on the bottom of this slipcase are technical specs for these discs. All three discs are stored three slim cases. The covers of these cases have the same shot of Penn & Teller that is shown on the slipcase. The backs list out each episode and also offer up descriptions as well.

Final Word

I was surprised that there wasn't a lot more content in this three disc set. I would have thought that there would have at least been some featurettes, or maybe a commentary track (although I guess with Teller that would be pretty hard, right?), or at least something more then a photo gallery and a listing of the films that these guys have done. Still, I can get past that because Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Complete Fourth Season contains 10 episodes of really well made shows. I love the that these guys look at things that people just assume is a given. That is the brilliance of this show and probably accounts for why it has been so successful.

That said, I would love for them to do an episode on in-laws or perhaps etiquette to be used when an in-law (meaning somebody that you don't know as a result of who your brother married) dies. I am not saying I don't want to do something like that, I just don't feel that it should necessarily be assumed that I should.

Man, I sound like a jerk but this show brings it out of me.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! was released .