"Do not be amazed at anything you see!' Warns Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcomn Murray. He leads a new Penny Dreadful preview that peers deep into Season 2 with new footage and plot details. Along for the ride are Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, who open the book on what's in store for this fan-favorite Showtime series.

Penny Dreadful is set to return on Sunday, May 3, and it promises to be a bloody, bizarre and downright creepy year of all-new episodes. The following featurette finds the devil sending in his servants. Vanessa and Ethan are getting closer despite his werewolf secret, and an undead love triangle is teased. Josh Hartnett reveals that, while Season 1 was about getting to know these people, Season 2 will be about finding out who they really are.

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Eva Green is also on hand to reveal the different journey each character is set to embark on. Watch as they wrestle with their inner demons. It seems that Helen McCrory's Evelyn Poole will be a bigger threat in the coming months as she prepares to wreck havoc with her fellow servants of the devil. Watch as events are set up, and thing begin to unfold very fast. This looks like its going to be one hell of a ride!