The wait is almost over for Andres Muschietti's big screen remake of IT and a teenager in Mississippi celebrated by dressing his three-year old brother up as Pennywise for a nightmarish photoshoot. The news comes after early reviews have started to drop for the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's iconic novel and they have all been positive with one gripe claiming that the movie might have relied on too much CGI. But other than that, it looks like we're going to see a record-breaking September opening and one scary movie. But before that, we have to look at this three-year old in Mississippi dressed as Pennywise and figure out how exactly these photos came to be.

The Daily Mail brought the pictures to our attention and now it will be really hard to un-see them. Seventeen-year old Egan Tilgham says that he has been drawing and creating art since he can remember and the teenager, a senior at Northeast Lauderdale High School, finds his imagination ignited by movie and comic book characters, and he displays an almost encyclopedic knowledge of characters that were created well before his generation. When asked about some of his favorite movies he says, "Most of the things that I liked were movies that my parents would show me, like the original Karate Kid, Labyrinth, E.T., and Star Wars."

Apparently, it only took around 30 minutes to get three-year old Louie into IT shape with a great make-up job done by Egan. He covered his little brother in white face makeup to create the horrifying look and drew two dark stripes starting at the forehead and going through the eyes to connect at the mouth, which is covered in dark lipstick. The look is clearly inspired by Bill Skarsgard's version of Pennywise over Tim Curry's version. Louie's lips were then over-lined in black and red rouge and his nose covered with dark red makeup for a haunting Rudolph glow. Next up was the Pennywise orange hair that's all messed up and sticking straight up in places. It's remarkable that the toddler sat still for that long, but Egan says that the actual photoshoot took quite some time to complete.

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Egan than set out to complete the photos by taking young Louie to train tracks where he is seen holding some red balloons with a sinister look on his face. There are also some shots of Louie smiling, but those might even be creepier than seeing the three-year old trying to look menacing. The final pictures show off young Pennywise's face, half submerged underwater while staring directly at the camera.

Egan Tilgham did an excellent job of turning his three-year old brother into the terrifying, supernatural being that is Pennywise. It is very creative idea and some free advertising for Andres Muschietti's IT remake while also getting the teenager's name out in the world and hopefully he continues to express his creativity. Hopefully he doesn't dress Louie up in any more horror themed stuff though because this is going to be hard to un-see. Check out the pictures of the three-year old Pennywise below.

Kevin Burwick