IT may have gotten bumped to number two at the box office in its third weekend of release, but people are still flocking to see Pennywise the Dancing Clown do his stuff. The movie is a certified phenomenon. And people just can't get enough of the Losers' Club. We've been seeing a lot of mashups lately. But the latest really 'eats the kid' as it were. Someone has decided to give Pennywise an anime makeover. And IT is almost a little too perfect.

IT is now officially the highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time (as long as you don't count inflation into the mix). Pennywise has surpassed Pazuzu as the biggest money earner on the big screen. And though Tim Curry played the character first in the 90s, Bill Skarsgard has gained full ownership of the clown. Some were skeptical at first, but this incarnation of the child devouring being from another dimension has really captured the imaginations of fans and scaredy cats alike.

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Director Andy Mushietti was able to breath new life into this story. And it hits home hard. People were obviously hungry for a new spin on the tale, even at a time when most remakes are scoffed at and ridiculed. Even as Hollywood is accused of being bankrupt of ideas, it's a remake of an old TV miniseries that has managed to rejuvenate the flailing box office.

Pennywise's new look is inspiring other artists to do their own thing with it. And as one man proves, Pennywise works pretty well as a Japanese anime. Mike Anderson has drawn and colored some new pinups in the popular animation style. And they perfectly capture some early moments from the movie. When poor Georgie Denbrough gets his arm all gnawed off by the toothy, sewer dwelling demonic presence. Anderson offers quite the striking take on Pennywise's painted face. And he nails that malevolent grin and those menacing yellow eyes. It's hugely doubtful that any kid would take a paper boat from this menacing creature, especially as it promises a float job.

There is a second pin-up of Pennywise done in anime style that offers a better look at the overall look of this haunting, creepy clown. We get to see the full costume and his signature red balloons. There is no doubt IT would work as a feature-length anime, if someone were ever inspired to sit down and draw out such a thing. And these pieces bring a new appreciation for Anderson's work.

The IT anime images follow a number of mashup trailers and other viral videos that have been released over the past couple of weeks. We've seen Pennywise battling not only Joker, but also Batman. We've seen Georgie get the 8-Bit treatment. And it's been proven that Pennywise can dance to any genre of music. Which might be a personal favorite. As the year rolls on, the weeks will bring stiffer and stiffer box office competition for Pennywise. But in 2019, we will get IT: Chapter 2, which promises to be even bigger than the first movie. In that span, we'll have cool mashups and viral hits like anime IT to keep us entertained. Check out the images via Nerdist.

Pennywise IT anime 1
Pennywise IT anime 2