If you weren't already at least a little scared of Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in IT, this giant animatronic version of the killer clown should do the trick. TransWorld's Halloween and Attractions show recently kicked off in St. Louis, Missouri and runs through the rest of the weekend. Basically, if you aren't familiar, it's a gigantic convention that is completely dedicated to the haunted house industry. As such, there are lots of cool, scary things on hand. But without question, this animatronic Pennywise takes the cake.

The gigantic, horrifying Pennywise comes from the folks at Unit 70 Studios, who had the IT prop on display at the convention. This isn't just a person-sized version of Bill Skarsgard's child-eating clown, as we can see. This is, instead, a monster-sized version of Pennywise that features several especially creepy features that are pure nightmare fuel. This Pennywise animatronic is sporting the spider arms he's featured with toward the end of the movie, in addition to his much scarier mouth, complete with a great many razor-sharp teeth. Last, but certainly not least, Pennywise is holding poor little Georgie, who is missing an arm and screaming his head off.

So yeah, this IT prop is equal parts terrifying and cool. As for the people who created this monstrosity, Unit 70 Studios boasts, "Our unique creations have been featured in the top haunted houses, amusement parks, and attractions in the U.S. and around the world. We provide high quality and beautifully detailed props that scare thousands of Halloween lovers each year." Can you imagine if this Pennywise actually popped out in a Stephen King haunted house? Or in some sort of IT Halloween attraction? Even if you knew it was coming, this would be scary. It's an impressive piece of work that will hopefully do more in the future than show up on the floor at a convention.

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Pennywise has been a popular horror icon ever since Stephen King wrote IT, but director Andy Muschietti's movie last year brought the clown to the forefront of pop culture. IT was expected to be a bit hit, but the movie blew away everyone's wildest expectations, grossing just over $700 million worldwide. Who would have thought IT was going to outgross Justice League at the beginning of last year? The movie was also met with widespread critical acclaim, with a sequel in development, which will adapt the second half of King's massive novel.

Andy Muschietti is returning to direct IT: Chapter 2, which casting underway to find the adult version of The Losers Club. Jessica Chastain (Molly's Game), as expected, is in talks to star as the adult version of Beverly Marsh. New Line has dated IT: Chapter 2 for a September 6, 2019, release date. While we all eagerly await the arrival of the second installment, be sure to check out the video of this awesome Pennywise animatronic from TransWorld's Halloween and Attractions show, courtesy of Kirk Synyard's YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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